Monday, April 26, 2010

Voicemail Tip of the Week: Phone Commands

TWU’s new voicemail system is integrated with email. Voicemail messages are automatically delivered to your email inbox. Messages can be accessed by phone, or by email, whichever is preferred. When accessing the system by phone, keystrokes are used to perform functions. Some of the commonly used functions are listed below.

To access the voicemail system from your office phone:
Denton: call 4646, press #, enter security code
Dallas & Houston: call 81 4646, press #, enter security code

Listen to new press 1, 1
Listen to saved press 1, 2
Save a messagepress 1
Fwd a messagepress 2
Delete a messagepress 7
Reply to a messagepress 5, 2
Call back the sender of a messagepress 5, 1
To bypass a greetingpress #
To record a greetingpress 5, 4, 1
Listen to greetingpress 5, 4, 2
Change security codepress 5, 5, 3
Time/date message stampAutomatically read
Log out of boxhang up

Important Note: Voicemail and e-mail are integrated on this system. Voicemail messages are automatically delivered to your email inbox. Messages can be accessed by phone, or by email, whichever is preferred.

During message playback, there are several features available:

Save current message..................... 1
Forward message to extension....... 2
Skip to next message..................... 3
Replay current message................. 4
Rewind message 6 seconds........... 5
Fast forward message 6 seconds... 6
Delete this message, play next....... 7

Features available at all times:

Return to a previous menu............. *
Finish a key entry........................... #

Voicemail is available for all permanent faculty and staff. To setup an account, e-mail from your TWU e-mail account and include name, campus and telephone extension.

Want more information?
Call the TWU Helpdesk (940) 898-3971

Monday, April 5, 2010

iPhone Apps of the Month: Web 2.0 Tools

The iPhone offers applications (Apps) that can be downloaded for a variety of uses. Apps can range from free to varying costs, and range in topic from business, education, weather, productivity, news, and more. Many of the Web 2.0 Tools we’ve shared have a correlating iPhone app. These are just some of the many iPhone apps that can be on both computer and iPhone.

Tweetie, twitterific, twitbird, twittervision, echofon
Twitter, a micro blogging tool, allows users to post messages of up to 140 characters. Users can post via the web, IM, or a mobile phone.
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Facebook is a popular social networking site. Facebook can be used to network with friends, colleagues or classmates. People all over the world are using this application. People can “friend” each other to allow access to content.
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Evernote is an organization tool which stores notes, documents, websites and images. The information can be accessed from any computer or smart phone.
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Flickr is an online image management and sharing tool. Users can share images and short videos, join groups, and comment on other’s pictures.
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Animoto is an online application that instantly produces videos using pictures, video, text, and sound. Animoto allows you to drag and drop pictures in the order you want to view them, select a song and the program integrates the two for a professional-looking video.
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Delicious is a social bookmarking service that allows users to tag, save, manage and share web pages from a centralized source. Users can bookmark any site on the Internet, and access from anywhere.
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iPhone apps can be downloaded via the iPhone app store