Monday, October 26, 2009

Web 2.0 Tool of the Week: Prezi


Prezi is a web app that lets you author and deliver “zooming presentations.” Prezi embraces a zooming user interface model in which blocks of content are arranged contextually in relation to other blocks of content. The user can zoom in and out of the content, alternating between a “big picture” view and a “detail” view. In addition, you can layer content levels by zooming into a block of content, then zooming into a picture within that block (so it fills the whole screen), and then zooming into the picture, so you can see a specific detail.

To best understand Prezi, check out a sample presentation at their site:

Prezi features include:
· Free online editor to create presentations with
· text
· framed groups
· lines
· arrows
· images, audio and video
· Presenters can zoom in and out on pictures/ideas as well as rotate them around.
· Presentations may be stored and accessed online through the Prezi site and downloaded for offline presentation.

Considerations for using Prezi:
· A basic account is free but offers limited space, no private presentations, and no offline editing.
· Prezi is for presenting only; printable handouts must be created separately.

Ready to explore Prezi?
Sign up for an account here, or check out a few of their tutorials here.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Voicemail Tip of the Week: Quick Message

TWU has a new voicemail system for all permanent faculty and staff. The new system integrates voicemail with e-mail, delivering all messages to both telephone and e-mail. To request an account on the new system, e-mail and include your name, campus, and telephone extension.

Voicemail messages can be sent by anyone at anytime, from on or off campus. This feature works regardless of phone forwarding status, and minimizes interruptions since it does not ring the recipient’s phone.

To send a quick message:
1. Call the voicemail system
· From on campus: Denton 4646, Dallas & Houston 814646
· From off campus: (940)898-4646, (214)689-6677, or (713)794-2044
2. Press * (system prompt)
3. Enter the recipient’s six digit mailbox number (system prompt)

Note: Six digit mailbox numbers are a campus code (Denton: 81, Dallas-Parkland: 82, Dallas-Presbyterian: 83, Houston: 84) + the four digit extension.

4. The recipient’s mailbox greeting will play
5. Record your message and hang up

Voicemail is available for all permanent faculty and staff. To request an account, e-mail from your TWU e-mail account and include name, campus and telephone extension.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Microsoft Office Tip of the Week: Format Painter

Applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook

The Microsoft Format Painter copies the formatting of shapes, objects, or text in a document. This ability increases consistency in a document which may contain many different format styles. The Format Painter is available in Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook.


Consistent formatting increases readability.

Isn’t this easier to read now?

To make the statements above match in style, use the Format Painter.

1. Highlight the text with the correct formatting.
2. On the Home tab, go to the Clipboard group and select the Format Painter which is signified by a paint brush.
3. Select the text to be formatted.

Now, the statements match in formatting.

Consistent formatting increases readability.

Isn’t this easier to read now?

For specific information about using the Format Painter in Microsoft Office Programs, check out:


Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook:

Monday, October 5, 2009

Web 2.0 Tool of the Week: Facebook


Facebook is a popular social networking site. Facebook can be used to network with friends, colleagues or classmates. People all over the world are using this application. People can “friend” each other to allow access to content.

Facebook features include:

This application is accessible via both Mac and PC platforms as long as they have a browser and an internet connection. Many businesses use Facebook to market their products and services by creating groups, fan pages, and advertising.

Some other Facebook applications:

  • Post updates and announcements
  • Collaborate on a projects
  • Share information and photos
  • Build better connections with students, colleagues, friends, and family
  • Facilitate teamwork
  • Search for a job
Ready to join Facebook?
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